Jamie Dimon joins Influencers with Andy Serwer

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19 天前
Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer sits down with Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase.
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    SF Bob
    10 years ago JPM and Bank America almost went belly up.
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    Chase Bank (JPM) owned ripped off milions of people, and yes I am one of them.
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    No matter how many times Yahoo shoves Dimon in our faces I'm not voting for him for anything! Why do libs love rich bankers and finance guys so much??
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    NYC Guy 40s
    Jamie Dimon's a great guy: he's always talking about "income inequality": and there never was a man who did less about it though he was in a position to do more than most, namely by taking a little less for himself and offering a more livable wage to his employees who are struggling to make ends meet. But hey---then he might have to make a few million dollars less a year, God forbid!
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    So how many taxpayer dollars does he want thus time on his way to Zurich?
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    Yahoo filed with FCC to change its name to "Jamie Dimon Fan Club"
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    Jamie Dimon must own Yahoo. Still NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR HIM FOR ANYTHING.
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    I think that Yahoo finance is "trying" to be helpful, but I wouldn't take any of the services they offer
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    Dimon's bank was bailed-out by taxpayers in '08. Every single day of the week Yahoo runs a story about him. His Fahrts are Golden apparently.
  • E
    They were bailed out by tax payer's money. This guy is a billionaire?? Where did that money come from?
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