Fmr. GE Vice Chair on Tesla's delivery target: "Scale is hard"
Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly emailed employees motivating them to set a new delivery milestone. Former GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock discusses with Yahoo Finance's Zack Guzman and Sibile Marcellus on "YFi PM."
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    Furious debate continues: Tesla is a) destined for certain bankruptcy and oblivion, or b) Tesla is the wave of the future. And a) demand is cratering and 2 Q numbers will prove it, or b) demand is accelerating and 2Q numbers will prove that. By this time next week we should have a much better idea who is correct when we get insight into actual 2Q numbers. Place your bets gentlemen(and ladies)
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    The only thing right about this article is the title ... "Scale is HARD". That is very true as the other SEASONED manufacturers with their so called "TSLA KILLERS" are finding it's more difficult to build, let alone, scale manufacturing of EVs and get reliable units. Likewise, they are also discovering design flaws .. Audi Recalls, Jaguar Recalls... it's just the beginning, and it's the same. By the time these 'seasoned' manufacturers get it right, TSLA will have Gigafactories mass producing EVs like there is no tomorrow with the ultimate vertical integration of a superbly engineered EV design that people will eventually find to be a FACT.
    No fan boy here troll buddies. Just an engineer that sees a a very well thought out process of EV design and infrastructure all coming together. The main piece of vertical integration that will provide the most boost to TSLA's high volume margins will be making their own superbly engineered batteries designed to work with ultra caps. That will be the 'shut up' moment for all trolls indicating OTHER seasoned manufacturers can design better batteries that what TSLA already makes yesterday!
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    Th hardest part of scale is getting enough batteries, which is an area in which legacy manufacturers have no experience. The second hard part is shipping directly to customers instead of having a lot of inventory in dealer stores. Again legacy manufacturers have no experience of this. Th enext hardest part is explaining the highly technological machine to the buyers, and again legacy manufacturers have no experience of this.
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    Not a lot of current Tesla news (good or bad) coming from the financial media this week. Their lead story now is wondering how Elon Musk is going to celebrate and spend his birthday. Oh, there are the usual rumblings about gigafactories, production, demand, deliveries, cash flow, battery strategy, management personnel turnover and market price predictions of TSLA stock. But overall it’s kinda a wait and see for them as to what unfolds. The ever present short and long sparing, Elon Musk’s love life, competitor’s barbs at the upstart, “Tesla Killer” ruminations, a smattering of state news regarding breaking through the dealer franchise lobby and Tesla expanding its sales and service centers it is relatively quite in Tesla land. Even Tesla commenters are wandering afar for something to argue about. Meantime well accepted American made Tesla EVs are advancing into the world car market at an accelerated pace. Happy 48th Birthday Mr. Musk and best wishes. 🎂
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    GE? That failed company that got thrown off the stock exchange?
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    And now come the excuses......broken record
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    I didn’t watch the video but if it’s about Tesla being incompetent, over zealous, bad business acumen then BC is the right spokesperson. She and JI ran a real tight ship @ GE
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    Great products, 5-10 yrs ahead of the competition, no legacy dealers to dismantle, supercharger fuel energy revenue stream, safest cars in the market, and the smartest people in the world from Silicon Valley. There is no stopping Tesla now. Low demand is made up because Tesla has not even started selling Model 3s in the rest of the world. Lots and lots of untapped markets like South America. SOuth Asia, Australia, etc.
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    Scale is hard. So is looking at a Tesla product!
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    a GM person briefly owned a Tesla? that is a victory to tesla, because they are not talking about having owned nio or bippidybubbb..
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