Chairwoman Maxine Waters speaks with Yahoo Finance
At end of a hearing devoted to examining Facebook’s proposed Calibra cryptocurrency, Chairwoman Maxine Waters shared her thoughts with Yahoo Finance's Jessica Smith.
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    It"s Ms. Peaches 45 , a Another Yahoo Financial Expert .
  • M
    "Chairwoman Maxine Waters speaks with Yahoo Finance". That's like a blind telling a deaf where to go. Priceless.
  • t
    the red herring
    Yep Mad Max knows a lot about cryptocurrency---she and her family have gotten rich off the american taxpayers. term limits for congress and the supreme court.
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    bobby w
    MAXINE.....has no clue...except to live off the tax payers
  • K
    yahoo takes financial advice from this woman????????
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    Maxine Waters is a financial genius. She turned $2.15 Million into $410 Thousand.
  • A
    For once I agree with Maxine Waters. I would go further and say Facebook should never have any connection to any payment system or cryptocurrency whatsoever.
  • L
    The old saying is that you can measure a man by his enemies. It appears to be accurate, and that makes Trump a true genius.
  • D
    Where did Yahoo find someone to translate ghetto?
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    Ooo Blah Dee
    She's an example of what happens when politicians pick their voters, rather than vice versa.
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