Portland Protesters Confront Woman Wearing Swastika Armband

2 months ago

A woman wearing a swastika armband was confronted by protesters during a night of anti-racism protests in Portland, Oregon, late on August 5.

Video by Laura Jedeed shows the doorstep confrontation at a house she said was in East Portland.

Protesters shout and swear at the woman with the swastika armband, repeatedly telling her to go inside, or she’ll get “f***** up” otherwise.

The woman responds saying, “I haven’t said anything racist.” She’s then called a “dumb b****”, and tells the protesters to get off her property.

One protester makes a grab for the armband, pulling the woman forward. She then opens the door and steps in. Again, she’s told “go inside” and responds this time, “I am, you idiot.”

“It was pretty surreal to see that armband,” Jedeed told Storyful, “you can see from the video that no one wanted to beat up some lady, but they needed her to stop being a Nazi.”

Jedeed told Storyful that after she stopped recording, “someone threw something at her window and the neighbors applauded.”

Portland Police reported a protest at the city’s East Precinct the same night. In the early hours of August 6, they said a fire was started at the building, and they declared the gathering a riot. Credit: Laura Jedeed via Storyful

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