Mosques in Turkey Partially Open After Two-Month Closure Due to COVID-19

2 months ago

Collective prayers in Turkey resumed on Friday, May 29, after being banned for more than two months as part of the COVID-19 measures. The day also marked the first Friday prayers since mosques shut down.

Two out of five daily prayers, including Friday prayers are now allowed in Turkey in 81 provinces, state news agency said. However, mosques remain open for individual prayers.

Worshippers are required to maintain social distancing, wear masks and bring their own prayer rugs.

The video shows scenes from before and after Friday prayers started at Etiler Camii mosque in Istanbul. Social distancing stickers can be seen on the floor 1.5 meters apart. Men wearing vests with “Polis” printed on them are seen at the entrance of the mosque telling worshippers to sanitize their hands before entering the mosque. Credit: @DiaaWirdian via Storyful

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