Houston Man Wades Through Storm Beta Floodwaters to Help Troubled Motorists

a month ago

Heavy rains from Tropical Storm Beta created “impassable flooding” along some roadways in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday, September 22, local media reported.

The center of storm Beta crossed the Texas coast at around 10 pm on Monday night, the National Weather Service said.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo reported Tuesday that dozens of locations across the city were flooded, and encouraged drivers to stay off roads.

This video, shot by Luis Ramirez in the early hours of Tuesday morning, shows a man wading through knee-high water to reach another vehicle. Ramirez told Storyful he is part of the “Houston Jeep Gang” and “Houston area off road recovery,” a group of raised vehicle owners who attempt to assist other motorists during flooding. Credit: Luis Ramirez via Storyful

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