'Cheeky' Magpie Shreds Straw Doormat to Build Nest in Eden Hills, South Australia

5 months ago

A magpie was caught tearing a doormat apart in Eden Hills, South Australia, in an apparent bid to find material for its nest.

The doormat belonged to a casual nature photographer, who set up the camera to catch the bird in the act after earlier seeing it attack the mat.

“It’s that time of year for our glorious birds to build their nests. They will use a variety of materials including door mats and hanging basket liners. Cheeky little maggie,” the nature photographer posted to Facebook.

Despite the mess, the photographer told Storyful they were happy to contribute to the bird’s nesting endeavours.

Australian magpies usually breed between August to October, however the birds are known to swoop people who come too close to their nests, according to advice from the South Australian government. Credit: Native Australia via Storyful

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