Tourists Swept Out to Sea at Lanai Lookout, Honolulu
A bystander captured video of a couple that was swept out to sea at Lanai Lookout in Honolulu, Hawaii on July 14. The pair were rescued by lifeguards and taken to a nearby hospital where they were reported to be in stable conditions.The duo, identified as a male and a female in their twenties, were vacationing in Hawaii and were reportedly taking a picture before the high tide swept them out to sea.Rafael Chavez Contreras captured the video while his wife called 911 emergency services, “The rescue team arrived and were in the water with the victims in less than nine minutes,” said Chavez Contreras. Credit: Rafael Chavez Contreras/ IG @chevz_rafael via Storyful
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    LOL everyone
    Well done Rafael Chavez Contreras and his wife. Well done lifeguards. The rescued couple owed their lives to these good men and woman
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    "Look! theres giant waves! Lets go right next to where they are breaking against the rocks!"
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    Mother Nature is no joke
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    Tourists don’t understand nature. Nature understands tourists.
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    reyn s
    Excellent videographer.
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    You can't fix stupid...
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    Two obese idiot Trumptards. What could possibly go wrong?
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