Harley Davidson’s e-motorcycle debut and EV pivot

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Harley Davidson on its first production e-motorcycle and plans for a full EV lineup, from scooters to bicycles.
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  • w
    It seems the HD reps were not too sure of their answers. So, you want to go 200 miles to a National Park and when you get there, you have no way to charge your bikes. This is not going to work for a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts. It might work for city curriers and close to city commuters, but why limit your range when the cost is more than a gas motorcycle? Don't worry, the States will start charging electric vehicles by the miles since they will not be getting gas tax from those electric vehicles. Nobody rides for free!
  • M
    almost all the parts on a harley are now made in china. they died years ago.
  • T
    Terrible range and no obnoxious exhaust. RIP Harley-Davidson.
  • J
    John B
    Smooth, quiet, FAST Acceleration, good on city streets and stop and go Freeway. Range, need 100 miles plus initially but ultimately 200-250 miles to use for anything other than commuting.
  • b
    Very smart move. Increase your market share, not everyone wants the bubbling thunder
    making you go deaf.
  • D
    The most obnoxious cult in the world is going electric? Something smells here.
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