How to set a table for Thanksgiving that's edible and elegant

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2 months ago

Interior designer and television personality Sabrina Soto acknowledges that Thanksgiving mostly revolves around the food. “But for me,” she says, “it’s all about your table settings.” To keep everyone happy this year, Soto combines both of those by incorporating edible table setting DIYs — and shares her tips for how to make your table setting unforgettable.

First she creates a centerpiece that doubles as a Crudité platter. First she traces the opening of the basket with craft paper and uses it as a guide to cut chicken wire and aviary chicken wire to fit the opening. Then she simply pushes the two layers of wire in the basket that hold their place without adhesive. Next she takes an array of blanched vegetables and secures the longer skinnier vegetables like cucumbuters and zucchini in the chicken wire, the smaller vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli are arranges gorgeously out on the cutting board. 

To complete her edible DIY décor, she also puts out place card holders made from caramel apples. When making the apples, she places them on the plates, letting the caramel pool a bit to hold them in place. Next, she adds a clean stick on the top of an apple at all the place settings, affixing to each one a craft paper leaf with that guest’s name on it.

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