Wendy Williams says R. Kelly's ex knew what he was up to
R&B singer R. Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, is set to appear in the upcoming season of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, and Wendy Williams has a lot to say about it. On Friday’s show, Williams shared that she believes Andrea Kelly wasn’t as in the dark about her ex-husband’s alleged sexual abuse as she claims. “I think a lot of people feel that R. Kelly is very guilty,” she said. “You know, Andrea, it’s not like you didn’t know anything, in my mind.” Williams also went on to say she believes R. Kelly used Andrea in order to provide a cover for his alleged sexual misconduct. “He realized ‘You know what? I need a woman of a grown age in order to pull this caper off,’” she said. “If the allegations are true that he likes underage girls then you need an older age wife to pull it off. Get a couple kids in there and all of a sudden you think it looks all gravy, right Robert?” Andrea spoke of her time with R. Kelly in a recent trailer for Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, saying, “He cracked me, but he didn’t break me.” Williams made it clear that she thought the move wasn’t a good one. “Andrea, nobody was interested in you even when you were married to him,” she said. “Now that you’re not married to R. Kelly, you want us to be interested in you as a person. But nobody cares.”
  • Peggy
    Wendy denied her husband's affair right in front of our eyes. The media showed us the pictures, showed where the mistress was living and Wendy gave us that I'm standing by my man. It's unfortunate that we should blame or speak negatively of either woman knowing she was trying to protect her marriage the best she knew how. Remember vows are forever, but let's keep it real everybody; including you Wendy.
  • Victoria
    right wendy just like you did the whole time pay for the side chicks house right down the street from you
  • Insurgentsapper
    Wendy knew "S" about her husband too and would still be with him if it weren't for the girlfriend getting knocked up.
  • Grant D P
    it's difficult to look at wendy williams all of her plastic surgery has made her look so bizarre. she looks like a man dressed in drag
  • A.
    I see Wendy hasn't learned a thing while dealing with her own drama-filled life and I HOPE that Drea sues the crooked wig right off of her head for implying that she knew and was complicit with R. Kelly in regard to his illegal dealings with under-aged girls. Wendy needs to go... She does not and never has spoken for the people, except maybe for that daft woman who stands off to the side and insists that people clap whenever Wendy opens her mouth.
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