Amy McGrath, Former U.S. Marine, Congressional Candidate in Kentucky
When Amy McGrath was a girl, a congressman told her that women shouldn’t be in combat. Fast-forward 200 flight hours and 89 missions later and McGrath has helped change the perception of women serving in the military. Now she’s bringing that fighting spirit to the voting booth and running to unseat long-time incumbent Senate Majority Mitch McConnell in her home state of Kentucky.
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    Child of the Light
    Semper Fi
  • G
    She has my vote. Being here in Kentucky. I have seen the changes take place. Mitch promises coal jobs every election time and they buy it. Jesus could run as a democrat and this state now would vote against him. The state for a few years has voted against their own interest. McGrath would be a good change for Ky. But hard to win against promises not kept Mitch.
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    let me guess...
  • R
    what will the turtle do when he loses? - -
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    Investigate the McConnell's finances. Something isn't right there.
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    She has my vote! :)
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    Hippie Johnny
    Amy McGrath was a girl?
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    Never thought I would see the day a Marine pilot would be running for the socialist party.
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    Her policy platform please. Not just fluff.
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    Go Amy!!
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