'Voice' viewers are furious with Kelly Clarkson for eliminating this contestant

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2 months ago

The Knockout Rounds concluded on The Voice Tuesday night and, while only one contestant was eliminated, it was one of the saddest eliminations of the entire season.

Team Kelly Clarkson's Marisa Corvo performed a cover of Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time," which was personal, since the writer of the song, Diane Warren, is a close friend of hers.

“I got dropped from my label when I came out as gay,” said Marisa, currently an independent artist starting out again after taking a break from the industry for several years. “[Diane is] a huge reason why I’m fighting for this career again, because she was the first one to believe in me after a really long time. … I’ve been hurt by so many women, and so many nos in this industry. So this is my opportunity to show all those people that said no to me that I’m here and you gotta keep going.”

Diane, who met Marisa in October 2018 and has since brought the struggling singer into the studio and hired her for various gigs and functions, even sent Marisa some video words of encouragement. “Now, you know what you gotta do,” Diane said. “You gotta win!”

While Kelly was proud of Marisa's performance, the contestant's very different spin on the Cher classic wasn't enough to send her to the live playoffs over Team Kelly's country singer Tanner Gomes. Viewers on Twitter were "furious" with Kelly for not picking Marisa. In fact, some tweets were getting a little extra, like one person who tweeted: "WTH! I have no idea why you did not choose Marisa Corvo! It's Adam Levine f-up all over again. Wrong!"

But it was Tanner, whose performance had his coach out of her seat dancing, who Kelly just had to save.

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