Jameela Jamil celebrates ballroom culture: ‘I feel very proud to be part of the show’

Yahoo Entertainment
a month ago
The voguing competition show “Legendary” celebrates the underground ballroom community that has been around for decades. Actress Jameela Jamil is a judge on the HBO Max series and tells Yahoo Entertainment, “So much of what we love from fashion, art, music, dance, language — where all of it comes from, it comes from the ballroom community.” Jamil admits that many people, including herself, were first exposed to ballroom from Madonna’s “Vogue” video in 1990. She and MC Dashaun Wesely, who’s also a dancer and iconic figure in the ballroom scene, hope to shine a new light. “The stories we see in mainstream media about this community and about young people of color, black, queer or trans are not the true stories of their existence,” Jamil says. “We don't see the art, we don't see enough of the beautiful stories and the love and the passion and the strength.” Wesley adds: “I think what this does is really give people the essence of understanding what goes on when it happens in such a major platform.”
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