Myanmar protesters undeterred after bloodiest day

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a month ago

She was wearing a T-shirt that read "Everything will be OK" as Myanmar police shot her in the head, on the bloodiest day yet since last month's coup.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of Angel, a 19-year-old woman also known as Kyal Sin, in Mandalay on Thursday (March 4).

Mourners, many of them young like she was, filed past her open coffin, chanting slogans and singing protest songs. Some raised a three-fingered salute of defiance.

And protesters returned to the streets undeterred in towns across Myanmar, despite at least 38 deaths including Angel's on Wednesday.

That violence more than doubled the death toll since the military overthrew the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1.

On Thursday, police opened fire and used tear gas to break up protests against military rule in Yangon.

Forcing residents to cower indoors.

The United Nations human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, called on the security forces to halt what she called their "vicious crackdown on peaceful protesters."

At least 19 Myanmar police officers have crossed over into India, fearing persecution for disobeying orders, a senior Indian police official told Reuters.

The European Union on Thursday suspended its support for development projects in Myanmar to avoid giving financial aid to the military.

On Friday, the U.N. Security Council plans to hold a closed session on the crisis.

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