Jazz Jennings on embracing her body and uplifting the trans community

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a month ago

Jazz Jennings has spent most of her life in front of the camera, sharing her story as a transgender teenager on the show, I am Jazz. From her mental health to medical appointments, Jennings has remained open about her struggles along the way, and in the upcoming 7th season, the LGBTQ+ activist gets candid about her weight.

Last summer, Jennings posted a photo wearing a swimsuit on the beach, after doctors suggested that she lose weight before having a medical procedure. “That moment last year was really important because I was showing my from the surgery — the gender confirmation surgery. Because I had to undergo a special surgery, they had to use extra skin graphs, so in most people don't have scars like that, but because of my special surgery, I have those scars and I'm proud of them.”

Though Jennings has gained weight since taking that photo, she assures fans that her focus on weight loss has little to do with vanity. She remains committed to living and eating better for her health, not her size. “I love myself and my body every shape and size that I am. You know, even being a bigger girl now, I still love my body and I love being me,” says Jennings.

Now 20, Jennings is ready to tackle her next challenge. After taking some time off after high school, Jennings is excited to start college and embark on a new chapter in her life — dating. Identifying as pansexual, Jennings says that the only thing she is looking for in a potential partner is authenticity. “I look at a person's soul and energy rather than their exterior shell. I think the body is just a vessel and that a person's core lies within, and I'm just more attracted to a person who has a beautiful soul. So whether they're transgender, cisgender non-binary, whatever their religion, sex orientation is, it doesn't really matter to me. I just love a person for being them," says Jennings.

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