Woman caught off guard by mother-in-law's 'hypocritical' behavior: 'evil and manipulative'

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a month ago
A woman and her mother-in-law (MIL) are feuding over their wedding dress colors. She recounted the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum” . the bride wore a burgundy wedding dress at her ceremony much to her mother-in-law’s chagrin. when the woman discovered her mother-in-law didn’t wear white at her own wedding, the bride freaked out. “She got married in a silver dress and then had a blue dress during the reception. I just lost it and I called her evil and manipulative” . Then the conversation escalated. “My father-in-law started screaming at me for talking to her like that and my husband’s grandmother asked me to leave” . Reddit didn’t think the woman handled the situation correctly. “What she did was rude, but the way you handled it was short-sighted,” another commented
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