Woman allegedly made disturbing discovery under license plate

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2 months ago
A woman said she made a disturbing discovery on the car she'd been driving after receiving an unexpected alert. "Happy birthday to me ... big emergency," said TikTok user @murasakisweetpotatoes. "I'm relying on TikTok, as always, to tell me what the f*** is going on. I was notified like 30 minutes ago that an AirTag was following me”. "I found a tracking device behind the license plate of my brother's car that I've been driving," she said, trying to smile through what appeared to be a horrifying situation. "While as a Gemini I feel flattered, as a citizen, I feel concerned ... police took the serial number, so we'll see what happens”. In a follow-up post, the TikToker alleged that she received a notification from the "Find My" app on her phone that a device was nearby. According to Apple's official website, that featured is "designed to discourage unwanted tracking”. "This could have been completely random or someone stalking my little brother," @murasakisweetpotatoes said. She claimed that police told her they were too busy when she followed up with them about the incident and said she should call back in a week. The incident left commenters spooked. "New fear unlocked," one user said. "This is so scary," another wrote
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