A Wedding Party Drops Out Over Bride's Comments

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7 months ago
A would-be bridesmaid took to Reddit last week . after her soon-to-be-wed friend’s homophobic comments led to multiple members dropping out of the wedding party at the last minute. the redditor wrote that her friend Kelly originally asked her and three other friends to serve as bridesmaids on her big day. But ten days before the wedding, Kelly told one of the bridesmaids that she and her girlfriend were no longer welcome at the wedding . She alleged that her future in-laws became furious upon learning a gay couple was invited to the ceremony. The Redditor's boyfriend was set to be the best man. When he learned of the situation, he also dropped out of the wedding party. After the post blew up on Reddit, the original poster returned with a shocking update: the wedding was apparently called off entirely. She wrote that the groom's "parents didn't say any of those things," and that he "wants to step back and think if Kelly is the right match for him”. Reddit users sounded off in the comments, resoundingly in support of the bridesmaid who took a stand against the bride’s cruelty
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