Turn your $1 box cake gourmet with these impossibly easy tweaks

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a month ago
Karly Stoddard, a baker who runs a cupcake shop in Oregon, explained how to transform storebought cake mix into a true work of art in a video she shared to TikTok. Stoddard said that though she is a professional, she doesn’t always feel like fully creating all her desserts from scratch. so she often starts with a boxed cake mix from the grocery store. She used the Duncan Hines Perfectly Moist Classic White Cake. Here are her tips for creating your own “doctored” cake mix:. 1. Use milk instead of water. 2. Use five eggs instead of three. 3. If the recipe calls for egg whites, use the whole egg instead for richer flavor. 4. Use melted butter instead of vegetable oil, and double the amount the recipe calls for. She also recommended waiting until the melted butter cools before pouring it into the mix. You can then follow the cooking directions on the box as you usually would for a version of “store- bought” cake that is more moist, dense and decadent
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