TikTokers are sharing the 'most insane rich person behavior' they've ever experienced

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2 months ago
TikTok user @missbeifong decided to ask her followers, . “What’s the most insane actual rich person behavior that you’ve experienced?”. One user, named Dani, shared that when she was in college and experiencing financial problems one semester, . her friend called her own father to "drop a couple grand" and help her out, which he had no problem doing. TikToker @punkyb00bster shared that her “sugar daddy” bought her a whole house in cash before legitimately ghosting her. Another TikToker, Sara Mascara, shared that one time, while she was working in a nightclub, . a man offered her $20,000 in cash to quit because she was "too nice" to be working there. Kasandra Flores' mother used to work cleaning a restaurant that belonged to a wealthy couple. The couple grew so attached to Kasandra that they offered her mother $1 million to adopt her. The mother declined
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