This TikToker used lava to cook a steak, and the results are unbelievable!

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2 months ago
Most people think of charcoal or propane when they think of grilling. But a TikTok user who goes by the alias Mr Forge (@mrforge_ ) prefers a different approach. Instead of a grill, Mr Forge, as per the name, uses a burning hot forge. For his steak recipe, all he needs is raw meat and lava. And this goes without saying, but don’t try this at home. More than 25,000 TikTok followers have joined Mr Forge on his “journey of experimenting and burning things with our 3000-degree forge”. as shown in his video, which has more than 7 million views, the line between cooking and burning blurs if you like your steak well-done. The ASMR-style clip begins satisfyingly with footage of Mr Forge pouring molten lava over a raw steak. Even once the lava has solidified into an olive-colored disc, it’s still hot enough to cook the other side! The finished result is a fully cooked steak that’s perfectly edible. Viewers were impressed by the unorthodox cooking method but noted that you better like your steak well done if you want it cooked with lava. “Cool, but I asked for medium-rare,” joked one user. “Note to self: don’t use magma as a seasoning for my steak.” another person commented
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