TikToker reveals ‘secret’ hack for blocking spam calls on an iPhone

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2 months ago
A TikTok user is drawing plenty of praise after sharing how to find an iPhone setting to block unknown numbers. The tip comes from a popular account called Tech Social 101 (@mytechsocial101), which frequently shares technology hacks on the app. Their trick shares two iPhone settings that many TikTok users said they never knew existed. Both of them help you block unknown numbers. Tech Social 101’s first tip helps with blocking calls from potential scammers. To use this setting, first, go to Settings, then click on Phone and turn on the feature labeled “Silence Unknown Callers”. This will silence all calls from numbers not saved in your contacts, sending them straight to voicemail. The second trick shows how to help block spam texts on your iPhone. To do that, you go to Settings, click on Messages and turn on “Filter Unknown Senders”. Similarly, this will prevent numbers not in your contacts from texting you. Instead of going to your regular messages page, they’ll get sorted into a second tab, labeled “Unknown Senders”
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