TikToker claims they accidentally bit into moldy Starbucks cake pop

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2 months ago
A TikToker is claiming that they bit into a Starbucks cake pop with mold in it, and the sight has commenters threatening to swear off the popular menu item. User @teabezel28 uploaded the video on May 2, which showed a half-eaten cake pop. Beneath the pink frosting shell appeared to be several bluish-green spots of mold, which @teabezel28 joked were “not chocolate chips”. The clarification was necessary, as several commenters initially thought the spots were Funfetti. “Why was my mouth watering?” one commenter asked. “I didn’t realize there was mold, BYE”. There was no wrapping to prove that this was, in fact, a Starbucks cake pop. The video got so much traction on the platform that the official Starbucks TikTok account commented two days after @teabezel28 posted. “We’re concerned and want to learn more so we can make it right,” Starbucks commented, adding their corporate number for contact
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