TikTok is stunned by this toilet seat deep-cleaning hack

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11 days ago
TikToker, mom and life hack extraordinaire, Sara (@shessunday), is blowing TikTok's mind with her toilet seat cleaning hack. As Sara demonstrates in her video that has garnered over 2M views, some toilet seats can be completely unclipped — . allowing you to scrub down and sanitize the yucky, hard-to-reach spot behind the seat. So, always on the look-out for ways to help her followers, . Sara made sure to share the Amazon link to her easily removable toilet seat — and TikTokers rejoiced!. But for those who did happen to own the same type of toilet seat as Sara, they were shocked to discover the easy way to remove it. "Thank you thank you. I’ve been using an old toothbrush to clean it, phew. I’m so happy I saw this," cried one user. "Omg I’ve needed to know this. I’ve been doing this the hard way all along!," wrote another user
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