Teacher shows how much energy she needs to keep students engaged in online learning

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a month ago
A kindergarten teacher shared on TikTok how she is keeping her class of kindergarteners interested during video calls. Mackenzie posted a video highlighting her incorporation of visual cues into teaching on her TikTok account kenziiewenz. In the clip, Mackenzie is teaching her class of 5-year-olds about the number four. “The number four,” Mackenzie announces, cheerfully holding up four fingers with one hand. “I see Brandon is holding up two and two. That will also make four,” she says with double peace signs. “I see four and zero,” she puts up four fingers with one hand and uses her fist to make a “0” . Mackenzie then asks the students what kind of pictures they see near the number four and tells the students to raise their hands . Even during some technical difficulties Mackenzie never stops smiling or encouraging her students with hand gestures and facial expressions. The educator’s video received 9.8 million views on TikTok. “How do teachers not make like six figures? This has to be the hardest job ever,” another said
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