Somehow, this mom convinced her kids to love water-flavored 'popsicles'

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4 months ago
A mom is dividing parents online after sharing her “hack” for helping her kids eating healthy. Erin Bachman, 27, shared the concept on TikTok in a video captioned with the explanation that she was preparing her kids’ “favorite treat” that they “constantly beg for". The treat? “Water popsicles". At least, that’s what Bachman and her kids call them. The snack, in reality, is nothing more than an ice cube frozen into a popsicle mold. While many TikTok users praised the mom’s “genius” hack, others wrote that they didn’t think their kids would enjoy — let alone fall for — a “water”-flavored snack. “I would add sugar. Poor kids,” another added. However, Bachman explained to BuzzFeed that her kids are fully aware of the fact that they’re just eating ice, meaning she’s not tricking them at all. Furthermore, several TikTok commenters praised the mom for motivating her kids to stay hydrated
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