Pregnant daughter thinks dad is kicking her out, discovers he's building a bigger room

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2 months ago
When this mom was still pregnant, she wasn't sure if she would have to go through it alone. Vanessa, a mother on TikTok, shared an intimate story about her relationship with her dad. She lived at home, and when she became pregnant with her baby girl, Vanessa feared her dad would disapprove and kick her out. Instead, her father's response totally caught her off guard. Her father built her and the baby a new room so they wouldn't have to move out. The footage featured her father working hard to install floorboards into the new space. She then called him "the best grandpa," showing photos of him with her baby girl. "Will forever cherish everything my dad does for me," she wrote. Her touching video received 6.6 million views. A lot of people had similar stories to hers. "My dad and mom left us their room because it was bigger for the crib and bed," one person said
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