Parents stunned to discover washing machine filter needs to be cleaned monthly

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2 months ago
A TikToker has gone viral for her shocking washing machine discovery — and parents everywhere are running to their laundry room to check theirs. When Edith Grey, known on TikTok as @edi.grey, posted her startling video online, she never expected it to amass over 10M views or 1.4M likes. "So I saw on TikTok people cleaning their filter pumps, or whatever? Their filters for their washers?" Edith starts out her video by saying. Edith then begins removing the filter, a bowl and towel at the ready beneath the opening. "Water started coming out, and it literally smells so bad. I can't even describe it. Ooh, no no no no!" she shrieks as she pulls out the filter. According to, your washing machine filter should be cleaned as regularly as the lint trap on your dryer. But, judging by the TikTok comments, it seems not very many families were aware of this little maintenance fact. "Everyone frantically running to their washers!" one user laughed. "There’s a filter? I’ve had my washer 12 years..." another user queried
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