Mom preserves baby son's first haircut in stunning resin craft

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2 months ago
A crafty mom on TikTok preserved her baby’s hair in resin, and TikTokers were torn about whether it was super cute or super creepy!. In one of Ali Blaser’s (@aliblaser) viral videos, Blaser took on a craft that proved to be “hairy” in more ways than one! . In the video, we see Blaser’s craft materials, including some glitter, a heart-shaped dish, a cup of resin, and a plastic bag filled with hair. Next, the nostalgic parent pours some glitter in the resin, and mixes it with a wooden stick. Then, she pours the resin into a heart-shaped mold, and adds a single lock of the child’s hair, before adding another layer of glittery resin. Many of Blaser’s fellow TikTokers failed to see the heartwarming angle of the project
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