Mom has perfect response to everyone who says 'life is over when you have kids'

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2 months ago
A mom is going viral for filming the perfect response to everyone who says your life ends after you have kids. TikToker @salemgideon gained nearly six million views and seven thousand comments when she posted her funny video online. In the video, @salemgideon is seen sitting in the driver's seat of her car, hair and makeup done, looking ready to have a fun day on the town. "so, for everyone who says life is over when you start having kids... it is 10am, on a Tuesday, and we're on our way to a concert," she says. The video cuts to footage of said concert — and it's a performance at Imagine City, with characters singing "Baby Shark". Thousands of comments came pouring in, applauding @salemgideon for her surprise ending
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