Mom is mortified to discover her thong has been stuck to her child's velcro shoe all day

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11 days ago
A mom is going viral for her hilarious underwear mishap, and TikTok is dying of secondhand embarrassment. Mom and TikToker, Gracie Noe (@gracienoe) recorded the moment she learned about the shocking incident — and since uploading the footage, she’s gained over 8 million views. In the video, Gracie films her face as her daughter’s horrifying story unfolds. Gracie’s daughter explains, “I was gonna walk to class when a teacher, and I saw a teacher, and they said, ‘There’s something on your shoe honey’”. She continues, “And then I stomped all the way to the principal and said, ‘This is my mom’s underwear, our house is messy.’ And she said, ‘Just put it in your pocket’”. “And then I got to class, and I said, ‘This was on my shoe this morning,’ and I showed them the underwear, and she said to put it in my backpack,” she concludes. Gracie summed up her feelings in the caption, “Currently looking for a new school for my 6 year old. #whyshedomelikethat #sendhelp”. “Kids are the biggest b*** busters. ‘Our house is messy.’ Was that necessary information?!” one parent laughed. “I’m dying, she repped it like show n tell,” another parent wrote
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