You might not ever eat McDonald's fries again after watching this

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7 months ago
According to Inc, McDonald’s serves more than 9 billion pounds of french fries on the daily.However, what even the most loyal Mickey D’s customer probably doesn’t realize is...that the fryers the restaurant uses to make those famous fries are disgusting.On May 31, a McDonald’s employee named Drew took to TikTok to reveal just how nasty the fryer situation is.“In case you ever wanted to get McDonald’s fries again, this is what sits at the bottom of our fryer,”.Drew says as he shows viewers a nasty congealed pile of “salt and grease”.Some people were saddened (and revolted) by Drew’s video.“Oh to see without my eyes,” one person joked.However, many devout McDonald’s fans were not even slightly fazed by the gook at the bottom of the fryer.“Yeah ima still need mylarge fry,” one person said
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