Man stunned big older sister’s ‘unreasonable’ financial demand

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a month ago
A man is refusing to sell his cabin to his sister who he originally bought it from. He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. When his parents passed away, they left him and his sister each one of their properties. He received the family home, while she got their lakeside cabin. The sister decided to sell the cabin, so he bought it from her. Now, years later she wants to buy it back at the original price. The cabin’s value increased over the years, but that didn’t matter to his sister. “she wants to buy it back at the price I bought it for. I told her I would sell it to her at a discount price but not anywhere near where I bought” . Reddit users thought the poster had a right to increase the selling price. “She’s being unreasonable,” one person commented. “If it were anyone else who bought it she would not make such a ridiculous request,” another wrote
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