Man stumbles upon unbelievable surprise outside ATM machine

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8 months ago
George Condash was driving by Wayne Westland Credit Union in Westland, Michigan. when he noticed a plastic box in the middle of the street. Upon pulling over to investigate, Condash noticed a mislabeled tag on the box saying that there was $40,000 inside. without hesitation, he went into the credit union and returned it to the front desk. “I said, ‘Is there a reward for $40,000?’ and I put it on their counter, and they just looked dumbfounded,” he recalled. The ATM cassette actually contained $27,00. and had accidentally been left behind by a security guard in an armored truck . Condash did not think much of his Good Samaritan act, saying that any "honest person" would have done the same. Condash was instead rewarded with an undisclosed amount by higher-ups at the credit union, as a token of their appreciation
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