Krave Beauty will help you 'press reset' on your skincare routine

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12 days ago
With the constant wear and tear of experimenting with different skincare products and the natural stressors of everyday life. our skin can take quite the beating. It’s wise to press reset every once in a while, and this simple philosophy is the ethos for the small-but-powerful skincare brand Krave Beauty. Founded by beauty influencer and YouTuber Liah Yoo. Krave Beauty was started with the mindset of returning to the days “when skincare was a fun way to practice self-care…. When skincare was simple. “We’re here to #PressReset on your skincare routine,” the brand’s website outlines. Running with this motif of simplicity and renewal, the brand boasts a compact range of five products —. one for each designated stage of a standard skincare routine: cleanser, toner/exfoliant, serum/treatment, moisturizer and SPF. Skincare influencers and estheticians have been singing the brand’s praises for years
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