Former Cyberpunk 2077 developer speaks out about brutal 'crunch' working conditions

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13 days ago
Cyberpunk 2077 is the most highly anticipated game of the year, but according to a former developer, it’s coming at a high human cost. An anonymous Reddit poster who identified themselves as a former CD Projekt Red developer. said that some Cyberpunk 2077 teams have been working excessive mandatory overtime since July 2019. If what the poster is claiming is true, it means that the company has been forcing its employees to work 16-hour workdays for more than a year now. When Bloomberg released its report on CD Projekt Red mandating six-day workweeks in the two-month lead-up to Cyberpunk 2077’s release, . it sent shockwaves through the industry. CD Projekt Red’s defenders claimed that the six-day workweek wasn’t a mandate but rather a collective decision made by the employees. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier spoke with several current CD Projekt Red developers who told him there was never a discussion, only an order. “And this my friends is why I left the game dev industry,” Another Redditor wrote in the same thread. “I’ve sat through many crunches to the point I didn’t even feel like I was alive anymore”
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