Experts are warning against a new threat for storm-battered cities: the funnel-web spider

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8 months ago
Experts warn against new a threat for Australia: the funnel-web spider. The Australian Wildlife Park posted about what’s to come on their Facebook page. Due to recent weather conditions, the environment is the perfect condition for funnel-web spiders to thrive. Dan Rumsey, a reptile keeper at the park, advised to watch out for them as male funnel-web spiders will be trying to find female spiders to mate with. "Funnel-web spiders are potentially one of the most dangerous spiders on the planet in terms of a bite towards a human," Rumsey said in the post. A funnel-web spider's bite can kill a human in 15 minutes. The spiders cannot climb smooth surfaces, so citizens were warned to check their shoes and any open furniture resting on the ground. Rumsey also asks that those who find funnel-web spiders bring them to the A.P.P., where researchers are trying to develop an antidote to their bites
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