Do eggs belong in pasta sauce? TikTok has some strong feelings

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4 days ago
A TikTok user has the internet deeply divided after sharing what some are calling a “psychotic” recipe for marinara sauce. Andrea Catanese posted a clip of the controversial method in late June. Since then, her video has drawn more than 500,000 views, and plenty of strong feelings. Catanese’s video begins with a large pot of sauce cooking on her stovetop. Then, she dumps around 10 hard-boiled eggs into the mix. “Does anyone else put hard-boiled eggs in their spaghetti?” Catanese asks in the clip. “If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s delicious”. Several commenters took the recipe as a crime against pasta. “The police are on their way,” one user wrote. “15 generations of Italians just rolled over in their grave,” another added. Others claimed that many authentic marinara recipes actually did call for hard-boiled eggs. “My grandmother was Sicilian and she use to put hard boiled eggs in her spaghetti!!” one user wrote
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