Beware of these dangerous TikTok challenges

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2 months ago
These are the most dangerous TikTok challenges you should steer clear of. 1. Dry scooping trend. The "dry scooping trend" called for consuming pre-workout powder, instead of mixing it with water. One person claimed to have a heart attack after completing the challenge. 2. Blackout challenge. The "blackout challenge" required participants to choke themselves until they pass out. The challenge resulted in the death of a 10-year-old girl and other hospitalizations. 3. Burning pile trend. Participants of The "burning pile" TikTok trend were expected to brandish an open flame in front of their faces with a lighter. A woman's hair caught fire during this one. 4. Swing TikTok trend. Adults and teens forced themselves into toddler-sized swings and got stuck, emergency responders were not happy with this use of their resources. 5. Silhouette challenge. while the photos may be edited to distort your appearance, those filters can easily be reversed. if you originally took the picture nude or in lingerie others can easily find out
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