What are 'American Girl doll teeth' and why do people want them?

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2 months ago
TikTok is relishing in what they're calling "American Girl doll teeth," and the bizarre dental trend has people examining their top row of chompers. American Girl dolls are a popular line of children's play toys. The dolls have a very specific feature: a closed mouth with two visible front teeth. On January 1, @_evies_life_ posted the video that would spawn the viral trend. "Girls trying to show their top teeth while talking," the caption read. She sang a song while straining to make her top row of pearly whites visible. The user @katelyn_ag used the "time warp scan" TikTok to filter to make her two front teeth visible while her mouth was closed. "I saw someone do this challenge to look like an American Girl doll," she said in the caption before joking. "I think I look more like a rat". Meanwhile, @annelise.hagen tried to hold her mouth closed for the challenge. But as soon as her jaw relaxed, her two front teeth became visible. The trend is also popular on Twitter. "I literally have American Girl doll teeth. I'm so mad," @littlegaykiwi wrote
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