Aspirational Houston rapper Billy Racxx on staying true to art and making statements

BUILD Series Sydney
14 days ago
Florida born, Houston living Rapper & Songwriter Billy Racxx is on his way up and he ain't afraid to tell you 'bout it. Bursting with confidence and aspiration, Billy's busy making music and spending time with his family awaiting the lift-off on the global travel ban, so he can engage with his fans through live performances again. At only 27 years of age, Racxx is deeper than your average young bloke... "stay true to art, make statements" he says to Danny as he details why he's different and why he's on his way to the top. Bending genres and breaking the mould is quickly gaining him notoriety, and with collaborations with international artists like Cecile G (Spain), we anticipate it won't be long until Racxx is a household rockstar (Hip Hop) name!
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