American Orthodox Jews protest Israeli government’s persecution of rabbi

7 months ago
The Orthodox Jewish Community in New York City gathered at 3 p.m. on Tuesday (June 23) outside of the Israeli Consulate in Manhattan to protest the Israeli government’s ongoing oppression of the anti-Zionist community and the imprisonment and reported torture of Rabbi Binyamin Friedman, whom they have held so far for 12 weeks with no release date confirmed. (June 23) “During the Coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli government did not allow people to pray in groups, even in the street with proper social distancing and protection, or as lone individuals inside synagogues. In enforcing social distancing regulations, the government disproportionately targeted the Orthodox community, while in secular cities like Tel Aviv they were lax and allowed buses to operate while packed with passengers,” explained Rabbi Hershel Klar, the organizer of the rally. On March 30, 2020, in one of the police raids in Beis Shemesh, they arrested Rabbi Friedman for his attendance at an ad-hoc prayer group outdoors. They gave him a long sentence, saying they'd hold him until the end of the judicial process. “The world must know: they are not a Jewish state! They don’t represent the Jewish people!” concluded Rabbi Klar.
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