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Locked Up Abroad: Sun 30 Aug, season 4 episode 4

In 1993 Brendan Cosso was partying and mixing with celebrities in Hollywood. He didn't need the money. But when the offer came to smuggle cocaine out of Brazil for $50,000, he took it.

Red Widow: Sun 30 Aug, season 1 episode 2

In exchange for his stolen drugs, crime boss Schiller tells grieving Marta he wants her to import a shipment for him. But she doesn't know when or how he will contact her.

Best Houses Australia: Sun 30 Aug, season 4 episode 22

Join author and host Gary Takle on a quest to discover what really makes a house work. Explore some of the most exciting and stunning houses in the country and meet the professionals who create them.

Seven News: Sun 30 Aug

Join Susannah Carr, Rick Ardon and the Seven News team for Perth’s number one news.

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