1. Under The Hammer: Starts tonight 8.00pm

    To afford their new dream, they need to sell their old home for the right price. Can they do it?

  2. A Place To Call Home Coming Soon

    Last year’s dramatic finale saw the lives of the Bligh family imploding.

  3. A Place To Call Home: Preview for Season 2

    Will Elizabeth ever accept Sarah, can James survive his brutal treatment and who killed Burt? Season 2 is coming soon to Channel 7.

  4. Darcy goes missing

    Heath's daughter Darcy takes off with baby Harley in a fit of jealousy.

  5. Australia's greatest illusionist

    Raymond Crowe joins Kylie and Larry to showcase some of of his greatest magic tricks.

  6. The final Ultimate Instant Restaurant round

    Twins Helena and Vikki have an octopus nightmare on their hands as they fight to secure a place in the MKR final.

  7. New US series starring Lost's Josh Holloway

    Microchipped Cyber Command agent Gabriel Vaughn can connect to the internet with his brain and tap into electronic files. Catch the first episode.

  8. Marry me Harry

    Meet 20-year-old Victoria McRae, she's mad for the monarchy and Australia’s biggest royal tragic.

  9. House Rules: Preview - Wednesday 30th April

    They all have a house, but desperately want a home. But to get their dream, they’ll have to work together.

  10. Eliminated: Thalia and Bianca

    Episode 45. Thalia and Bianca talk about how much they've matured throughout their MKR journey and what their plans are for the future.

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