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Chicago Fire: Wed 5 Aug, season 1 episode 22

A frustrated Severide turns to an unlikely ally to resolve his current dilemma. Meanwhile, the squad is called to the scene of a harrowing apartment building collapse.

Sunrise Episode: Wed 5 Aug

Meet the talented artist camouflaging the best of bodies into other worlds and Adam Garcia has a glorious feeling about his new stage role.

Hiker's Scary Standoff With a Mountain Lion

Most people will go their entire lives without even encountering a mountain lion, and if they do there will be some form of barrier between them. Trevor was a lot more exposed when he bumped into one …

Dancing with the Stars Preview

For the first time in Dancing history comes a ballroom bombshell! Who won't survive the double elimination? Sunday 8pm on Seven.

I Am Cait ratings plummet

Ratings for I Am Cait, the reality TV show about Caitlyn Jenner, have dropped by more than half after the show's second week.

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