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Welcome to 7mate.

Take a seat and relax. Go ahead, kick back and put your feet on the table – it’s OK, you’re with mates now. No need to wash your hands. No need to take your shoes off. It’s time for you to reclaim the lounge room. 7mate is here, and it’s here for you.

In fact, why don’t you say hello to a few of the mates you’ll be seeing around here, starting with the funny ones: All new, first run episodes of FAMILY GUY, AMERICAN DAD, and EASTBOUND AND DOWN lead 7mate’s primetime comedy schedule. THAT 70’S SHOW, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, MY WIFE AND KIDS, ACCORDING TO JIM and GARY UNMARRIED round out the laughs.

Reality TV doesn’t have to be girly TV. We’ve got the US ratings hit JERSEY SHORE, along with PIMP MY RIDE. We’ve also got MONSTER GARAGE with Jesse G. James.

Awesome documentaries and factual hits on 7mate will see series such as MEGA STRUCTURES, MIGHTY SHIPS, BUILT FROM DISASTER, AIR CRASH INVESTIGATIONS and MYTHBUSTERS in primetime.

Friday night is the home for big ACTION MOVIES and AFL then gear up for the V8’S LIVE on Saturdays.

So as you can see, there’s plenty of great stuff to watch here, and it’s just for you.

We think you’ll like it here.

7mate - man’s best friend.

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To receive 7mate from 25 September, you will need to tune into channel 73 on an HD capable Digital TV, PVR or set top box. If you have an analogue television you will need to connect your TV to an HD capable Digital set top box, PVR, or Digital recorder and tune in to channel 73.

''Until the switch-off of analogue at the end of 2013 each commercial television licensee is limited by legislation to one SD multichannel and one HD multichannel. These were the changes to the Broadcasting Services Act introduced in 2006.

After switchover, each broadcaster may transmit as many channels as they like but clearly this is limited by the amount of spectrum they have available to them. The allocation to each commercial broadcaster of 7MHz is pretty much filled up by two SD channels and one HD.

Therefore like Nine and Ten (from next year), Seven has opted to maximise the use of our available spectrum to provide diversity of programming for our viewers. Viewers will still be able to find a number of fantastic programme options presented in rich HD on our new multichannel 7mate. We encourage them to check it out.''

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  1. Stewart04:43pm Saturday 11th April 2015 ESTReport Abuse

    Who is this d$ckhead "Shep" calling the Shute shield on 7mate?? He is the worst commentator (I use that term loosely) that has ever called a game of sport.

  2. bob11:39am Monday 06th April 2015 ESTReport Abuse

    I live in Coober pedy remote far north SOUTH AUSTRALIA and we cannot get the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN national football league! 2 years running, the ABC used to run it but we have to take QLD feed, change it for SANFL games please! bob

  3. jason12:21pm Wednesday 25th February 2015 ESTReport Abuse

    wish car sos was available for 7plus

  4. alan03:31pm Friday 30th January 2015 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi, Any reasoning behind the showing of INK MASTER SERIES 1, again straight after Series 2, and not showing Series 3? Come on, if there isnt enough repeats between channels, and on these channels. Excuses please, and when can we expect to see Series 3, or do we need to fork out the money for Foxtel?? Regards Al

  5. Lea06:57pm Wednesday 15th October 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Please update American Pickers with new series... the ones shown are years old

  6. Lea06:50pm Wednesday 15th October 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Why oh why are you serving up reruns of American Pickers... These are years old... please update the series with new ones

  7. Grant06:22am Tuesday 07th October 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Not only have you ballsed up the NFL coverage, yet again you have stopped showing ICE PILOTS half way through a series,AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! This station looks and feels like its run by amatures?

  8. ALEX09:17pm Wednesday 01st October 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    7mate - You need to show more NFL please! Thursday night, Monday night games!? Sunday games are great, but clearly people want to see more! Cheers..

  9. Craig09:59pm Monday 22nd September 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    What is going on 7mate with your appalling coverage of the NFL? You guys can't even show the entire game. You cut off the most important part of the Seahawks v broncos game. Yeah I want to watch 3 hours of a game to miss the OT decision. Give the coverage back to Channel 10. You guys are a joke. Oversell and under deliver.

  10. Grant06:57am Monday 22nd September 2014 ESTReport Abuse

    Does anyone know the Email address for ch7 for complaints? We need to get together on this and just keep bombarding them with emails about the truly lacklusture coverage of the NFL. Surely someone at Ch7 is reading this?...............


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