1. House Rules: Preview - Sunday 31st May

    This is it! A reno so perfect it can only mean one thing... perfect scores! But who will get the 10/10?

  2. Moment: Burnt Bridges

    Episode 14. Tiana comes to the rescue of Ryan and Marlee, who now refuse to do any more favours for Brian.

  3. Moment: A Preppy Soiree

    Episode 14. Ryan and Marlee throw a preppy soiree for the other teams after a hard day at Ben and Danielle's house.

  4. Moment: Ryan vs Brian

    Episode 13. brian takes things a little too far when he demolishes the stairs, trapping Ryan and Marlee!

  5. It's A Wiggle Wedding!

    Move over Will and Kate! The Wiggles' Lachlan Gillespie and Emma Watson plan for 2016 nuptials with 'royal-ish' flare...

  6. Judge Audition Tickets Now Available

    You're invited to join Dannii Minogue, Guy Sebastian, James Blunt and Chris Isaak for our Judge Auditions in Sydney and Melbourne!

  7. The dramatic conclusion to Catching Milat

    Catch up on the gripping final to the drama event of the year.

  8. The most emotional renovation yet unveiled on House Rules

    The teams worked extra hard this week to transform a lifetime of wear and tear into an award-winning display home for Steve and Tiana.

  9. Catching Milat: Preview - Sunday 24th May

    Tune in to the gripping final to the drama event of the year, this Sunday after House Rules.

  10. House Rules: Preview - Sunday 24th May

    Be there as Steve and Tiana are welcomed home in the most emotional whole house reveal ever!

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