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Cyclist Falls during Wheelie Attempt at Race

This cyclist popped a wheelie to the cheers of the crowd of onlookers during a race, but his moment of glory quickly evaporated when he lost balance and fell to the ground.

Man Gets Stuck on Cargo Net of Obstacle Course

While climbing the cargo net of an obstacle racing course, this man attempted to flip over the top and land safely on the other side. Unfortunately for him, his legs went perfectly through the net …

Fisherman Gives Stray Cats a Fresh Bass

When this fisherman caught an excess of bass at the lake, he decided to gift a fresh one to a pack of hungry stray cats. The first cat that managed to get his paws on the fish ran away with it and …

Kid Scorpions Down Water Slide

This kid wanted to up the stakes on his water sliding, so on his next slide he decided to go down head first. As he was going down, the momentum of his leap sent his legs scorpioning over and sent …

Window Gets Smashed by Hells Angels

While on a cross country road trip, this father and son were astonished to see the famous motorcycle club, Hells Angels, passing by them on the highway. They then made the unfortunate mistake of …

Bates Motel: Wed 29 Jul, season 2 episode 1

Norma's anxiety builds as they bypass is ahead of schedule. Norman obsesses over Miss Watson's death and Bradley's search for her father's killer leads to extremes.

This Abandoned Power Station Looks Like a Horror Movie

This creepy video shows the abandoned South Fremantle Power Station in North Coogee, Australia. Despite being long closed, the building still stands and serves as a local attraction and historic …

Faithful Grill Gets an Honourable Death

Daniel describes himself as an avid grill enthusiast. After two years of hard use, he had to say goodbye to one of his favourites. Through the tears, he was able to grit his teeth and grant his old …

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