1. Easter treats

    We asked our My Kitchen Rules teams what they like to cook up over the Easter break...

  2. Winners are grinners

    Can you believe it finally happened? Witness the history-making episode of Million Dollar Minute for yourself, on PLUS7.

  3. Million Dollars richer

    Andrew Skarbek talks about his record breaking win.

  4. Revenge: Preview - Monday 30th March

    She'll fight for life, and for her father. All-new Revenge airs Monday 8:30PM on Seven.

  5. Million Dollar Minute awards the biggest cash prize in Australian TV history

    Andrew Skarbek weeps tears of relief as he wins $1 million.

  6. Elimination Interview: Rob and Dave

    Episode 32. Our lovable QLD mates Rob and Dave have no regrets about their time in the competition.

  7. Rob and Dave's Journey

    Episode 32. We take a look back at Rob and Dave's MKR journey (and they even get a hug from Colin)!

  8. Million dollar slip goes bananas

    Andrew Skarbek slips on a tricky question about bananas, forcing an agonizing fourth shot at more than $1 million tomorrow on Million Dollar...

  9. It's the end of the line for fishermen Rob and Dave

    Queensland culinary dads find the pressure of two sudden-death eliminations in one week too much to bear.

  10. My Kitchen Rules wedding

    Rose and Josh have impressed 90 guests and won a catering challenge for My Kitchen Rules.

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