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Sunrise Episode: Fri 28 Aug

We debate American gun control laws, meet the lucky cat with nine lives, and chat with the acclaimed director of Sixth Sense about his new film.

Cutthroat Kitchen: Season 6, episode 9

A chef has to make breakfast has in a bunk bed. Then, another chef has to recreate Alton's hike out of the Grand Canyon. Finally, a chef has to make strawberry shortcake with long tools.

Bargain Hunt: Fri 28 Aug, season 37 episode 25

Teams travel across the Menai Strait to Anglesey where one team enjoys a bit of madness while the other explores a fetish for lights. Meanwhile, Tim takes a look at some rather cool sunglasses.

Lea Michele on finding love again

Former Glee star Lea Michele says she made sure she felt 'whole' before she started dating after again after losing boyfriend Cory Monteith.

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