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Sin City Saints: Season 1, episode 1

When a bone-headed incident threatens to ruin the Saints' season, owner Jake Tullis and his staff jump into crisis mode. The league sends a gorgeous, no-nonsense lawyer to oversee Jake.

World's Most Extreme: Wed 2 Sep, Railways

From awesome engineering to extreme environments and thrill-seeking train-surfers and from the high-tech to the home-made, these are the 10 most extreme railways on Earth.

Sunrise Extra: Fri 4 Sep

The cute dog grooming trend with a dangerous twist and the world’s toughest woman.

Match It: Fri 4 Sep, season 4 episode 35

Jack Yabsley hosts this fast-paced new show where teams use cool touch-screen technology to match words and pictures to answer quiz questions.

Hairy Legs: Fri 4 Sep, season 1 episode 7

Jevan loves dinosaurs, so Hairy sends them back in time to see them alive. Then, When Hairy finds he hasn't performed enough good deeds, he decides to fake some.

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