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Josh gets attacked

Josh tries his best to ward off the intruder but he is no match for the mysterious stranger.

We love LOVE

Nate and Kat have overcome their obstacles and are totes loved up <3

Jon Stewart to go back to stand-up

The Daily Show host John Stewart says he'll return to stand-up comedy after he finishes up with the satirical news show.

Unexpected news

Just as Zac's got a plan, Leah has a revelation that neither of them were expecting.

A big ask?

Oscar has discovered Josh's secret. But is Josh being fair?

TV Buzz: I Am Cait premieres!

Sam and Kochie take a look at the new series set to take reality TV by storm. I Am Cait follows Caitlyn Jenner's inspirational transition to womanhood and the reactions from her celebrity children …

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