Today's TV Highlights




Good on you!

Monty supports populated Weld and let's Zac know that he's doing a great job.

Trustworthy Woody...

Woody isn't comfortable withholding the truth from people, but he promises to be the bearer of George's secret.

George is shocked

Jan finally tells George that she is pregnant and that he could be the father... but there are two other possibilities.

Mad at Lindsay

Lindsay still thinks her charms can work on Arlo, but she has another thing coming for her.

Telling off Arlo

Fiona tells Arlo off for his irresponsible behaviour and for ruining her holiday with George.

Baby bump

Jan forgets to switch off her Skype and stands up, revealing her baby bump to Arlo, who takes a screenshot.

Gate Crashed

Lindsay finds out Arlo is home alone, so she invites all her numpty friends over to the Turners'.

Weld problems

George sets up a romantic dinner for Fiona to break the news to her... but it turns out she already knows that George could be the father of Jan's babies.