1. How To Get Away With Murder: Preview - Tuesday 3rd March

    The only reveal on television this week that will actually leave you gasping, tonight at 9PM.

  2. My Kitchen Rules: Preview - Tuesday 3rd March

    One team will make MKR history in this redemption round. Will it be Annie and Lloyd? Find out tonight at 7:30PM on Seven.

  3. My Kitchen Rules: Preview - Tuesday 3rd March

    Pete and Manu are back for a history making moment! What's the score that breaks the record?

  4. Video Diary (AM): Annie and Lloyd

    Episode 19. Annie and Lloyd are both feeling like they're going into the Redemption Round with a more positive mindset.

  5. My Kitchen Rules: Season 6, Episode 18

    Promo models Katie and Nikki present their sassy instant restaurant tonight. The girls, who both work in butcher shops, are ready to show they are...

  6. My Kitchen Rules' big twist

    Annie and Lloyd talk about their second chance in MKR's Instant Redemption Round.

  7. Elimination Interview: Lynn and Tony

    Episode 18. Lynn and Tony can't find the words to describe how it feels to be eliminated.

  8. Redemption Round as Lynn and Tony Eliminated

    Pete and Manu are back for a bonus round of Instant Restaurants to decide who makes it into kitchen headquarters.

  9. Video Diary (PM): Katie and Nikki

    Episode 18. It's been a tough day for Katie and Nikki and they aren't feeling safe at all.

  10. Behind the Scenes: Fashionistas

    Episode 18. Our teams are dressed to impress tonight for Katie and Nikki's Instant Restaurant.

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