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Million Dollar Minute: Fri 31 Jul, season 4 episode 135

Xavier O'Shanassy is back hoping to play for $75K again. Former contestant April Byrne returns after taking home $5K last year. She’s hoping to take a lot more. Tennis coach Todd Scoullar is also …

Dancing with the Stars Behind the Scenes: Meet Tamara

Did you know all of the costumes for Dancing With The Stars are created from scratch? Our designers work around the clock sketching, stitching, decorating and bedazzling all of the uniquely beautiful …

Dancing with the Stars Preview

They are smashing it on the dance floor. But who won't survive Dancing with the Stars live? Sunday 8pm on 7.

Covert Affairs: Fri 31 July, season 4 episode 10

Henry's dastardly plan has come to a head with Arthur facing treason charges, Annie on the run in Europe and numerous lives lost. With all hope nearly gone, they have one last chance to save everyone.

Sunrise Episode: Fri 31 Jul

Where to get help if you are a sex addict, and we chat to the Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation cast.

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