1. House Rules: Preview - Sunday 12th July

    It's finals week on House Rules! We are so close to the Grand Final, but the battle between the teams is just beginning!

  2. House Insider: Giving Back

    Episode 35. After receiving so much in this competition, our teams are excited to be able to give something back!

  3. Nissan Car Cam: Original Ideas

    Episode 35. Can our teams come up with some original ideas and stop the accusations of copying?

  4. Restaurant Revolution serves up industry experts!

    Restaurant Revolution will serve up four industry experts to judge and mentor teams as they attempt to turn their restaurant dreams into a

  5. WIN a copy of House Rules magazine

    Enter the competition and you could win one of 20 copies of the official House Rules magazine!

  6. Criminal Minds: Preview - Wednesday 8th July

    The BAU is called to Wisconsin in search of a serial killer, and the team looks for a connection among the victims for clues to the unsub.

  7. Which 'The Blacklist' character are you?

    Take the quiz and find out...

  8. House Rules: Preview - Tuesday 7th July

    It's the final challenge, but will one little wall start a war that will send one team home?

  9. Winners and Losers: Preview

    This season the girls deal with sexy new romances, tumultuous career changes, rollercoaster friendships and shifting aspirations. Can Sophie, Jenny

  10. One point sends SA packing as final three revealed

    Three teams now remain to battle it out for a life-changing place in the House Rules Grand Final.

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