1. Catch the first episode of this new US series

    Imbedded with a microchip in his brain, US Cyber Command agent Gabriel Vaughn can connect to the internet and tap into databases and electronic...

  2. House Rules: Preview - Wednesday 30th April

    They all have a house, but desperately want a home. But to get their dream, they’ll have to work together.

  3. Eliminated: Thalia and Bianca

    Episode 45. Thalia and Bianca talk about how much they've matured throughout their MKR journey and what their plans are for the future.

  4. Twins through to the finals as Tassie besties sent home

    Helena and Vikki are here to prove to the other teams that they deserve to be in the finals.

  5. Under The Hammer: Starts tonight 8.00pm

    To afford their new dream, they need to sell their old home for the right price. Can they do it?

  6. Is Pierre Australia's new genius?

    He's the high school drop out who's proved he's got what it takes to win. How far will he go?

  7. Catch up on Resurrection

    After Jacob suffers from a seizure, Maggie takes him for a checkup and is shocked by the results.

  8. Video Diary (AM): Helena and Vikki

    Episode 45. Helena and Vikki admit that their only goal for tonight is to beat Thalia and Bianca's score and go through to the next round.

  9. My Kitchen Rules: Preview - Wednesday 23rd April

    The VIC twins or the Tassie girls? Who will make it to the Grand Final? Find out tonight on Seven.

  10. The proud mums fight for their place in the final 4

    Bree and Jess dish up a "fine dining" feast to finish up second on the leaderboard.

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