1. My Kitchen Rules: Preview - Monday 9th March

    The countdown is on to the record-breaking moment in MKR history... it all begins Monday, 7:30PM on Seven.

  2. An interview with Carl Barron

    The reclusive Australian funny-man grants Chris Bath a rare one-on-one interview about his upcoming new movie on Sunday Night, 7:00PM on Seven.

  3. Downton Abbey: Preview - Sunday 8th March

    In this house, just a whisper can cause an avalanche... an all new Downton Abbey airs Sunday, 9:00PM.

  4. Australia The Story of Us: Preview - Sunday 8th March

    The stories of success and bravery you've never heard. Australia: The Story of Us, Sunday 8:00PM on Seven.

  5. Redemption is as sweet as Jane’s desserts for Team VIC

    Emma and Jane attempt to turn the obsessive-compulsive disaster from their first Instant Restaurant in to an obsessive-compulsive delight in this...

  6. Team Toowoomba find their redemption

    The redemption round continues as we head back to Queensland for Sheri and Emilie's second Instant Restaurant.

  7. State of Affairs: Preview - Thursday 5th March

    She's helping to find who killed the president's son, but now she's the suspect. All new State of Affairs tonight, 9:00pm on Seven.

  8. My Kitchen Rules: Preview - Thursday 5th March

    Could this be the night we've been waiting for? Find out if Emma and Jane will be MKR history tonight at 7:30pm on Seven.

  9. Can Sheri and Emilie redeem themselves and rewrite MKR history?

    The redemption round continues as we headed back to the country town of Toowoomba for Sheri and Emilie’s Instant Restaurant.

  10. Winter: Preview - Wednesday 4th March

    The clue that will crack this case wide open... get set for a nerve-pounding thriller in new Winter, tonight 9:00PM on Seven.

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