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Sunrise Extra: Fri 4 Sep

The cute dog grooming trend with a dangerous twist and the world’s toughest woman.

Hairy Legs: Fri 4 Sep, season 1 episode 7

Jevan loves dinosaurs, so Hairy sends them back in time to see them alive. Then, When Hairy finds he hasn't performed enough good deeds, he decides to fake some.

TV presenter Cat Deeley pregnant

The host of America's So You Think You Can Dance Cat Deeley has announced, via Twitter, that she and her husband are expecting their first child together.

The Daily Edition Live Sydney

Watch The Daily Edition every afternoon between 2 and 3pm, and remember you can watch all our videos from the show on our website at

Ed & Matt's moment...

Matt takes a risk in asking Ed Sheeran a he wasn't expecting THIS response.

Meet Katie

Katie is a part-Māori artist and owner of the local arts and crafts ‘gallery’. She is played by Anna Jullienne.

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