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Breaking Bad houses for sale

Two houses from TV smash Breaking Bad - one where the fictitious Jesse Pinkman made methamphetamine - are up for sale in Albuquerque.

Mountain Bike Racer Crashes into GoPro on Side of Track

During a mountain bike race, this biker landed crooked coming off a jump, which subsequently made him lose control of his bike and sent him barreling into a GoPro that was set up on the side of the …

Kittens Move Heads in Unison

These kittens have been living together for so long that they are completely in tune with each other's movements. It probably helps that their mom was behind the camera with a treat which they had …

Kitten Plays with New Ball Toy

This 10-week-old kitten named Jasmine was fascinated and utterly confused with her new ball toy. If only someone could harness Jasmine's circular movements around her toy to use as a renewable energy …

Daughter Gets Attacked by Dogs after Scaring Mom

To giver her mom a fright, this daughter popped out from behind a door and yelled bloody murder, causing her mom to scream and fall to the floor. Thankfully for her mom, her guard dogs were not too …

Twin Cries when Brother Goes Down Stairs without Him

These twin brothers look like each other, dress like each other, and do everything together, so when one of the them jumped off the last stair without the other, it incited an instant crying attack. …

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