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All Saints: Season 4, episode 4

Mitch diagnoses a gifted ballerina with scoliosis. She must make a choice between her career and her health, without disappointing her proud mother.

All Saints: Season 4, episode 5

Mitch and Kate struggle with their emoti ons as a dying woman fights her last battle. Bron's gambling leads to dire consequences and she faces the biggest professional dilemma of her life.

All Saints: Season 4, episode 6

Mitch and Connor care for a woman admitted after a brutal rape. But when her husband refuses to have anything to do with her, the staff of Ward 17 realise they have a far more complex problem to deal …

All Saints: Season 4, episode 7

Mitch is forced to realize he is not so different from a hypertensive potential stroke victim QC. Connor defies a Senior Surgeon hoping to find a way to help a patient make an informed decision

All Saints: Season 4, episode 8

Bron helps a young woman cope with the devastating news that she was born with ambiguous genitalia. Ben is concerned about how new Ambulance recruit Scott will cope.

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