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Seven News: Sat 29 Aug

Join Jane Doyle, John Riddell and the Seven News team for Adelaide’s number one news.

The New Judging Panel

It’s going to be a 3 against 1 battle this season… but we’re pretty sure Dannii is up for the fight.

WA Weekender: Sat 29 Aug, season 2 episode 29

WA Weekender showcases the best of WA and is packed full of ideas to fit every weekend. Be inspired by fascinating stories with everything from helpful hints to finding out where to take your family …

Sydney Weekender: Sat 29 Aug, season 1 episode 6

Mike goes on an aerobatic adventure in Lake Macquarie. Pete races along the world's longest roller-coaster zip line. Rose catches up with Restaurant Revolution's Dom to try out his pop up restaurant.

The Zoo: Sat 29 Aug, season 4 episode 2

Four Cheetah cubs have recently been born in Dubbo and two of them are extra special. Plus, Taronga's chimp family moves house. Hosted by Melissa Doyle.

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