1. House Rules: Preview - Sunday 7th June

    Episode 20. See the ENORMOUS teeny tiny Tassie whole house reveal this Sunday on Seven.

  2. Ariana's career is not extinct

    Jurassic Park child star Ariana Richards chats about life after dinosaurs and her career as an accomplished artist.

  3. Revenge: Preview - Monday 8th June

    Emily's promising new future is threatened when Victoria discovers some devastating secrets.

  4. Queensland's "Barbie and Ken" get their dream house!

    In a week of firsts, the teams tackled a tricky 70s split level home and wild weather in Queensland to earn the first perfect scores this...

  5. Criminal Minds: Series Ten Preview - Wednesday 3rd June

    When the BAU is called to investigate a triple homicide, the search for a connection among the victims could lead them to a fugitive.

  6. House Rules: Preview - Tuesday 2nd June

    Who gets the roof? For the first time ever, it's put to a vote!

  7. Moment: House Meeting

    Episode 17. It's Bronik and Corrine vs Ben and Danielle. Who will get the roof? This is zone wars like we've never seen!

  8. House Rules: Preview - Monday 1st June

    It's the teeny tiny Tassie house, and the Zone wars have never been more brutal!

  9. Win a $25K Minions makeover for your school!

    We’re so excited about the new movie ‘Minions’ that we’re giving you and your classmates the chance to win a Minions makeover for your...

  10. Moment: Prankster Payback!

    Episode 16. Watch the hilarious moment when Ryan realises he's been the victim of Marlee's prank!

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