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Cosby's lawyers plan to limit questions

Bill Cosby's lawyers are making a bid to place special restrictions on the questions he can be asked in a deposition for a sexual assault case.

WA Weekender: Sat 5 Sep, season 2 episode 30

WA Weekender showcases the best of WA and is packed full of ideas to fit every weekend. Be inspired by fascinating stories with everything from helpful hints to finding out where to take your family …

Sydney Weekender: Sat 5 Sep, season 1 episode 7

Mike explores Kiama, from the highest zipline in Australia to the only beach segway tour in the state. Mel takes a tour of the largest sheepskin factory in Australia to learn how to make Ugg boots.

The Staring Contest

Guy Sebastian and Luke Jacobz ask each other some burning questions. Then things get weird.

Festival of Chocolate

Candice goes head to head with award winning pastry chef Anna Polyviou to see who can make the best chocolate creation.

Chloe and Christi

Teigan catches up with pocket rocket dancer Chloe Lukasiak and joins in on her dance class!

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