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Astrid meets The Governess

The Governess does NOT approve of charity -- so how will charity worker Astrid fare against the Chaser? It all begins September 14th!

What Our Judges Want

Want to know what our Judges are looking for? What IS The X Factor? Find out!

Border Security: Preview - Wednesday 2nd September

What is in the leg? An international courier arrives to pick up a very strange delivery. Also, a Chinese woman is caught with a possible concealment but a chance meeting may get her off from facing …

IN PICTURES: Border Security - Wednesday 26th August

When traces of cocaine are found on the belongings of a family returning from South America one of them makes a confession. Officers suspect a Ukrainian man isn't just here for a business trip.

Grimm: Mon 31 Aug, season 3 episode 10

Nick and Hank are called to the scene of a gang-related homicide. The case escalates as Zuri and her brother get caught up in the investigation.

Happy as Larry with 5th place on DWTS

After 7 weeks of nothing but spectacular performances our very own Laz has completed his journey on 'Dancing With The Stars' after snagging 5th place.

It's the final countdown!

Four remaining 'Dancing With The Stars' couples have a big week ahead of them. Ash Pollard reveals how she brings her personality to the stage and how she has been able to express her emotions …

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