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Seven News: Thu 30 Jul

Join Jane Doyle, John Riddell and the Seven News team for Adelaide’s number one news.

All On the Line: Season 2, episode 4

Joe Zee teaches former Project Runway finalist, Korto Momolu, that it takes more than raw talent to make it in the fashion world.

All On the Line: Season 2, episode 3

Joe Zee works with whimsical fashion label, Electric Love Light, to try turning their looney designs into a viable collection for Anthropologie.

Bargain Hunt: Thu 30 Jul, season 37 episode 5

Teams head to Europe's largest antiques fair in Newark to search for bargains. As ever Tim Wonnacott keeps his eye on the clock as the teams look for three items to take to auction.

Okine says TV show puts him off kids

How To Put Up With People co-host Matt Okine says he realises he's not ready for parenthood after the latest episode of the ABC series

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