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Meet Katie

Katie is a part-Māori artist and owner of the local arts and crafts ‘gallery’. She is played by Anna Jullienne.

Meet Hannah

A gun surfer, Hannah also works a multitude of different jobs in and around town. She's played by Cian Elyse White.

Meet Fiona

Fiona is played by Michelle Langstone.

Meet Tracey

Tracey is an Australian school teacher living at Weld, played by Emma Leonard.

Australia set for Dr Who fest

Diehard Aussie Dr Who fans are in for a treat when the festival, that includes a writers' master class with Mark Gatiss, comes to Sydney in November.

All Saints: Season 4, episode 5

Mitch and Kate struggle with their emoti ons as a dying woman fights her last battle. Bron's gambling leads to dire consequences and she faces the biggest professional dilemma of her life.

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