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Bates Motel: Wed 29 Jul, season 2 episode 1

Norma's anxiety builds as they bypass is ahead of schedule. Norman obsesses over Miss Watson's death and Bradley's search for her father's killer leads to extremes.

This Abandoned Power Station Looks Like a Horror Movie

This creepy video shows the abandoned South Fremantle Power Station in North Coogee, Australia. Despite being long closed, the building still stands and serves as a local attraction and historic …

Faithful Grill Gets an Honourable Death

Daniel describes himself as an avid grill enthusiast. After two years of hard use, he had to say goodbye to one of his favourites. Through the tears, he was able to grit his teeth and grant his old …

Cat Gives Massage to His Friend

Cats love luxury. These two seem to have a nice arrangement, as one treats his buddy to an enthusiastic massage before demanding the same in return. Unfortunately though, the moment does not end on a …

Migrating Salmon Have Fun With a GoPro

Each year, huge schools of Australian salmon migrate from the south of the country up the western coast. According to videographer Dirk, they invade beaches, bays, sounds and even marinas and inlets. …

Beautiful Creature Found on Gold Coast

James and his parents were walking along the beach at the Gold Coast in Queensland, when they came across a beautiful creature. Glaucus atlanticus is a type of sea slug with delicate cerata and a …

Fat Cat's Bid to Become an Internet Star

There is a lot of competition out there for ambitious felines to make the leap from domestic cat to internet sensation. Baron, the cat featured in this video, has the drive to make it to the top. He …

Motive: Wed 29 Jul, season 2 episode 5

Detectives Flynn and Vega must solve a case involving the death of a promising high school senior. Angie takes an aggressive approach in the case that Vega doesn't agree with.

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