1. Instant Restaurants bring the heat

    Eva and Debra talk about their challenge tonight after Drasko and Bianca's shocking results.

  2. Video Diary (AM): Eva and Debra

    Episode 42. Eva and Debra are feeling the ultimate pressure of the Ultimate Instant Restaurants.

  3. Video Diary (PM): Drasko and Bianca

    Episode 41. Drasko and Bianca are feeling exhausted and a little disappointed at their Ultimate Instant Restaurant performance.

  4. Bianca and Drasko’s Ultimate fiasco

    'Wild Pastures' may put Drasko and Bianca out to pasture on the MKR leader board in the showdown to the final four.

  5. The MKR finals begin with the ultimate instant restaurant round

    Victorian housemates Jane and Emma falter at the last hurdle and fail to make the Top 5.

  6. Catch Up: Season One, Episode Seven

    In the years 1956-1974, a generation is free from economic depression. Australia embraces Indigenous heroes like Evonne Goolagong as she makes the...

  7. Will the 'Spice Girls' survive?

    MKR's Eva and Debra facing elimination this Sunday

  8. Australia The Story Of Us: Preview Thursday 16 April

    Post War Australia rebuilds and rebrands. For the first time in decades, a generation is free from economic depression and conflict. And a force...

  9. Who will be in the final five?

    Ash and Camilla talk about their chance at getting into the MKR finals.

  10. My Kitchen Rules: Preview - Sunday 19th April

    This is it! It's their last chance to get to the MKR Finals and the pressure couldn't be greater!

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