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Top 5 Guess The Connection || JukinVideo Top Five

Here's a fun new game for you guys. Whoever can guess the theme of this week's Top 5 gets a glowing suitcase! What's inside? We may never know...To license any of these clips go to …

Kitten Plays with New Ball Toy

This 10-week-old kitten named Jasmine was fascinated and utterly confused with her new ball toy. If only someone could harness Jasmine's circular movements around her toy to use as a renewable energy …

Daughter Gets Attacked by Dogs after Scaring Mom

To giver her mom a fright, this daughter popped out from behind a door and yelled bloody murder, causing her mom to scream and fall to the floor. Thankfully for her mom, her guard dogs were not too …

Twin Cries when Brother Goes Down Stairs without Him

These twin brothers look like each other, dress like each other, and do everything together, so when one of the them jumped off the last stair without the other, it incited an instant crying attack. …

Friends Go off Biggest Swing in the World

These thrill seeking friends challenged each other to go off of the Nevis Swing, which is the largest swing in the entire world, but had some serious second thoughts before they made the drop. After …

Slippery When Wet Fails Compilation || FailArmy

The only thing worse than wet socks is the Fail that preceded them. As our good friend Towlie says, "Always bring a towel", and these guys need one. Enjoy the funniest water fails from the FailArmy …

Cyclist Falls during Wheelie Attempt at Race

This cyclist popped a wheelie to the cheers of the crowd of onlookers during a race, but his moment of glory quickly evaporated when he lost balance and fell to the ground.

Man Gets Stuck on Cargo Net of Obstacle Course

While climbing the cargo net of an obstacle racing course, this man attempted to flip over the top and land safely on the other side. Unfortunately for him, his legs went perfectly through the net …

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