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Home and Away: Tue 28 Jul, episode 6248

Andy questions Zac and Charlotte's familiarity. Charlotte tries to deal with the intruder's arrival in Summer Bay. There's a pregnancy in Summer Bay!

Royal Pains: Tue 28 Jul, season 5 episode 7

Losing his fiancee, his job and his reputation following the death of his hospital's benefactor through no fault of his own, a New York physician seeks a little distraction at a party in the Hamptons.

Longest Hopscotch Course

Wedge1, a Detroit-based design firm, created a hopscotch course measuring 3.75 miles in length. They set the record in collaboration with Imagine Detroit Together2, in partnership with the Detroit …

Winners & Losers: Preview: Tuesday 28th July

Sophie's concerns about Luke's partying ease, until she discovers he binge drank alone. Izzy ignores Frances' warning and refuses to tell Carla she wants to slow the surrogacy process.

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