The Wall: About The Show

Hosted by Axle Whitehead, Channel Seven’s The Wall exists for one purpose and one purpose only - to give good people the opportunity to transform their lives. And when there are millions of dollars on the line, they’ll only need one lucky bounce and their futures could change in an instant.

The Wall: About The Show

The Wall: About The Show

In order to conquer The Wall, players need a mix of brains, bravery and blind luck, and even then, there’s no guarantees. It’s the ultimate game of risk and reward.

The rules are simple: a pair of teammates must try to beat The Wall by answering general knowledge questions. Answer correctly and the balls turn green and y down The Wall - wherever they land adds money to the team’s winning total. Get an answer wrong and the balls turn red and the money is deducted from the team’s total.

With cash values ranging from 1 dollar right up to 1 million dollars, massive amounts of money can be won and lost in seconds. The Wall gives, and The Wall takes away.

Breakout entertainment format The Wall is an original U.S. format created by LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Andrew Glassman and executive produced by Glassman Media and SpringHill Entertainment in Association with Universal Television Alternative Studio and distributed by Endemol Shine Group.

The Wall premiered December 2016 in the US, delivering an average audience of 6.77 million viewers for NBC, with each episode ranked as the top-rated non-scripted show of the night. The show is now in its second season there while versions are being produced in Canada, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Russia Argentina and Italy.

Fun Facts:
• The height of The Wall is 12 metres
• The width of The Wall is 14.674 metres
• There are 187 pegs in The Wall
• The weight of the ball is 1543 grams

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