About Instant Hotel

From the Top End to tropical North Queensland, from Bondi to the Barossa, from Melbourne to the mighty Murray River... We’re on the hunt for Australia’s absolute best ‘Instant Hotel’!

About Instant Hotel

About Instant Hotel

When you check into INSTANT HOTEL on Seven, get set to journey across Australia on a holiday like no other because there are no hotels and motels - only Aussies turning their homes into Instant Hotels.

Tapping into the worldwide trend of homeowners renting out their homes as holiday accommodation, INSTANT HOTEL will see 10 teams of two competing for the title of Best Instant Hotel.

Teams will score each other on: the house, location, nearby attractions, value for money and the all-important quality of a good night’s sleep.
And as contestants soon find out, like most travel adventures, what might seem like a dream online is not always what you’ll find when you arrive. How will our proud Instant Hotel owners take constructive feedback from their guests?

Guiding the teams on their journey is host LUKE JACOBZ. “I’m really keen to see what lengths teams will go to in transforming their homes to give their competitors a taste of that hotel experience. It’s going to be great to be a y-on-the-wall, when personal taste is not to everyone’s taste!”

Joining Luke on INSTANT HOTEL is the series judge, JULIET ASHWORTH who will score each hotel out of 10. An award-winning designer who has worked on over 100 projects across Australia and Asia, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine is now partner and creative director of an internationally noted design company, specialising in luxury hotels and resorts.

“I’ve stayed in several homestay properties around the world - some fantastic and some not so fantastic - so I think this is a great opportunity to show people who are wanting to rent out their own home, what works and what doesn’t!

“I’ll be judging the overall experience – was it ghastly or would I go back?” says Juliet.

INSTANT HOTEL is created by Seven Productions.

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