Bringing Sexy Back

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Reinvent yourself with Bringing Sexy Back

When we lose the desire and motivation to make a change to our lives, no matter how much we want or need it. When we’re too zapped of energy to know where to start.

Bringing Sexy Back explained

Bringing Sexy Back explained

Hosted by Samantha Armytage, Bringing Sexy Back encourages participants to live a balanced, healthy life. “Bringing Sexy Back offers Australians the chance to reinvent themselves,” says Samantha. “With professional help we will empower people to make positive life changes to improve their self-image.”

A fun, inspirational and life-changing new program, Bringing Sexy Back will see ordinary Aussies overwhelmed with aspects of their life making a massive change for the better.

It will go beyond the physical transformation to give people their confidence and charisma back. The end results will be extraordinary with new looks, self-belief and desires to live life to its fullest. Dreams will come true.

Each episode will follow a new person on their journey back to happiness. Aided by trainer Cameron Byrnes (who has helped people such as Jackie O and Mel B) and stylist Jules Sebastian (wife of singer Guy Sebastian), each participant will welcome the opportunity of such wonderful expert help.

With the help and support of our experts and their friends and family, each participant will do whatever it takes to turn their lives around and begin to lead healthy, happy lives.

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